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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cloudy with 100% Chance of Son!

Cloudy with 100% chance of Son.
A forecast of our days...
In retrospect of years gone by
We see a trend unfolding
Our background color's always gray
With bits of Son emerging.
Cloudy with a chance of Son
Reveals a great insight...
A life colored in shades of gloom
Makes us more aware of light.
It's the Son we've come to cherish
As a deserts gentle rain
That cools the heated landscape
Relieving it of pain.
A profound appreciation
In a world splattered with black
When Son's illumination
Shines through with an attack.
It keeps the heart from atrophy
Has power to bring life
Cuts the world of darkness
With precision of a knife.
Jesus is the Son
Who brightens cloudy days
He's 100% dependable
When in our heart He stays.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Too timid to roar like an African Lion?
Then try shining bright like a dandelion.
They're just as resilient, sturdy, and strong
Spreading their seeds as the days are long.
Sowing their beauty wherever they go.
Popping up everywhere eager to grow.
To some they appear as a pesky weed
But extermination never seems to succeed.
Reminds me a lot of the Christian life
How the message of hope can create lots of strife.
Where something so good is mistaken for bad
And talking of Jesus makes people mad.
Yet we continue to multiply.
For God's seeds of love are in great supply.

Emerging Grace

Lying dormant in the cold hard ground,
winters chill confines.
Waiting for sunlight's golden rays,
rainy sprays, and growing days
to protrude from being bound...
Life begins emerging
from that which appears dead.
A flag of green unfurling,
fronds expand and spread.
Victory in the garden,
over deaths sure sting,
brings proof of God's grace pardon
in and on all things.

Visiting Violets

Majestic royal beauty
illumined by the sun.
Scattered through the under brush
Gods enchantment spun.
No cares or worries weigh on them,
Appearing every year.
Dotting barren landscapes
with encouragement so dear.
Hopeful purple faces,
blooming ever bright,
Give glory to their Maker
growing closer to His light.

Eye of The Beholder

Beauty's in the eye that beholds.
When you dare to look
Mystery unfolds.
Intricate detail
Of common sight
God's imagination
For our delight.
Captures an aspect
Of His intention,
To share the joy
Of His creation,
With all who take to time to see
The treasure in His mystery.