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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Slow Down!

Rushing traffic, flashing lights,
Crowded side walks, what a sight!
People people every where
Hurrying, scurrying here and there.

Busy, busy all the day
Never time to stop and pray.
We rarely greet our fellow man
For that may interrupt our plan.

What is it that we're living for?
We fill our days, but there must be more.
As I stand and watch this harried scene.
People all together, yet alone it seems.

Each person on their shoulders bear
Their own burden, their own care.
If only we could switch our gears,
From high to low as God endears-

Then our relationships would surely grow,
As we let life run with the Spirit's flow.
Our focus then would be on God,
Blocking off the road that Satan trod's.

For he's the one roaming back and forth,
Making busyness seem the source of worth.
Yet if we take the time to see...
Our life in Christ is value's key.

So let's slow down and cherish time.
Wasting it would be a crime.
God gives life and takes away,
Make time for Jesus everyday.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I Belong

Lying in the grass, gazing at the azure blue sky, swirled with white. Wondering what it might be like to be free. Wondering...always wondering. I cherish these moments...when my child mind can float away. Settling down in the grass, feeling the small green stems gently tickling my back and arms as an occasional ant crawls across my leg. The simplicity of the moment captures my mind. Closing my eyes, the warmth of the afternoon sun penetrates deep into my soul. Almost as if God's strong but tender hands are lovingly surrounding my heart with His protection. His gentle whisper in the breeze assures me of His presence. In these moments I feel part of creation, like I belong. To anyone walking by, I am a happy girl pining away a summer day. To me it is a piece of heaven, welcomed and loved by the hug of the grass and the touch of God's hand on my heart. Looking back, these moments saved me. God kept a little piece of my heart and blew hope into it. Thank You Lord for knowing me and loving me even when no one else would.

Lonely, empty, lying there.
Staring into open air,
Breeze gently blowing through my hair,
My heart longing to share.

God hears my cry and settles down
right beside me on the ground
Drawing close, His arms surround.
Tender love abounds.

He whispers sweetness in my ears
Calming all my childhood fears
Collecting from my eye's the tears
That have been locked away for years.

Feeling God right next to me,
My loneliness begins to flee
My life in Him has set me free
Because I belong to Him you see.

He gives me strength to carry on
Builds me up till doubt is gone
In the darkest night He brings the dawn
Turning this ugly duckling into a lovely swan.