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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Treading vs. Trust

Where does my confidence come from? A question I've been confronted with time and time again. Life situations keep pointing me to it. I am a Christian and I know that my strength, who I am, is supposed to be rooted in Christ. But is it really? If I am honest with myself, the answer is...I want it to be, I want to believe beyond any shadow of a doubt, that I am strong and secure in Him, a jewel in His crown, the apple of His eye. But in my humanness, there is always that seed of doubt, that gnawing feeling that I don't measure up, I'm a miserable failure over my life.... and actually without Jesus that is true. I am a terrible captain over my own ship. This is something I constantly struggle with. How do I let go of my expectations? How do I rest totally in the arms of the One who created me? The One who is in control? How do I reach that level of trust and contentment?

I am on a mission, seeking after God's peace. This is what I want. I want to live out of this picture of who I want to be in Christ. I am tired of treading water in a stormy sea, tired of striving to control every situation, tired of the anxiety that fills my days when things inevitably go wrong. Treading water makes me very tired to the point that it's all my mind focuses on. I think God calls me to faith in these times. He says He will never leave me or forsake me, He says He will lift me up as on eagles wings and care for my every need. He will give me rest when I'm weary and shelter from life's storms, He only asks me to believe. He says that's the most important work I will ever do. He says its hard, but He also says He will provide all I need to do it. Lets compare the work of believing to treading water. Believing takes faith. Treading water takes energy. Believing yields trust. Treading water brings exhaustion. Believing builds strength. Treading breaks you down. Believing brings hope. Treading confines me to one place. There is no question in my mind that both treading water and believing take a lot of work, I think the question then becomes...where do I want to put my efforts? God has invited me to this wonderful place of peace and contentment. Something that can only be found in Him. I can't see it. But I know when I have it. Nothing can compare to it. The very best part is that I am offered this peace now, Jesus gave His life so that I could have it. God wants me to attain it, and I want to partake in it. I'm tired from treading. I am going to stop now and just work at believing that my God is more than able to handle my life. After all...He has it all planned out, even before I ever arrived here on this earth. My work now is going to focus on believing, trusting and obeying my God. Putting Him first and loving and thanking Him for this opportunity to see that He is sovereign over all creation. I'll let you know how it turns out...Hope you'll join me.

Just a thought...if we all stop treading water together and allow God's peace to enter into our lives...just think how calm the waters around us would be...Do you get it?
" If you do this, you will experience God's peace, which is far more wonderful than the human mind can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:7 (NLT)
"You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in You, whose thoughts are fixed on You! Isaiah 26:3 (NLT)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Be Attentive

In quietness and rest, you hear my still small voice.
I speak in gentle whispers
Attentiveness is your choice.

Attune your focus on Me in the chaos of the day.
Come to me with your burdens,
I'll chase your stress away.

My yoke fits you perfectly, making your work light.
Learn the way I do things,
As you labor by My side.

It is in trusting Me, that your path will remain straight.
Obey my word as you walk the road
On your way to heavens gate.

I go before you and behind you, I am on either side;
I make the darkness shine as day,
When in Me you abide.

I hold all things together with My strong and mighty hands.
Shielding you from danger.
Helping you to stand.

Amidst the raging storms of life, I am the gentle breeze,
That blows across the choppy waves,
And calms the threatening seas.

Peace is what I offer, when you choose to live for Me.
Contentment in the craziness
Of life's complexities.

So sit with me and listen as I whisper to your heart
Healing words of restoration
That I am eager to impart.

Won't you take a moment out of your busy day,
To really pay attention
To what I have to say?

Love God

Thursday, February 3, 2011

God n' Prayer

You ask things of me every day
As you kneel before my feet to pray
Answers come and answers go
Sometimes noticed, sometimes no.
I listen faithfully to each request
Figuring carefully how to answer best.
Taking into consideration
Your hearts desire and consolation.
How will my answers affect your life?
Will it grow your faith, or cause you strife?
My answers aren't always what you expect
But they're always for your benefit.
I bend down low to hear your cries
Your needs and wants and questions why?
I know your voice, it's precious to me
Now listen for mine and you will see
Entrusting your heart into my care
Will bring a peace beyond compare
With anything that can be measured
More valuable than the greatest treasure.
It's my delight to answer prayer
Be still and know that I am there.
Live your life like you believe
It's in your faith that you'll receive.
The blessings that I have in store
As you seek me even more.

Love God

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

God Knows Best

Ever feel like your always struggling to stay atop the mountain high?
Or treading water in a stormy sea that threatens to drown the harder you try?
Do you fight to keep your chin up, as worries fill your head?
Relying on your own strength to chase away the dread?
Is your energy depleted from your crazy hectic pace?
Has your constant busyness drained the smile from your face?
Does it seem that all the world has taken aim on you?
And every way you turn there is a wall you crash into?

"Well, I have a little secret. You're right where you ought to be.
I, your God, knows what's best for you, and that's learning to rely on Me.
So when you find that life is weighing heavy on your mind.
I want you to switch channels, I will help you to unwind.
Sit in My holy recliner, lean back on Me and relax.
Trust Me to be in control, and I'll pick up the slack.
You no longer have to struggle, I will bring you rest
As you follow in My footsteps, knowing I, your God, knows best."