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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Safe in Gods Hands

This morning as I prayed, God revealed this little snail on the ground at mt feet. I picked it up. it was securely encased in it's shell at the time and I placed it in the palm of my hand. For a long time it stayed safely hidden in its shell, but after a while of being very still, it started to venture out. I thought a moment about this, and a picture formed in my mind. We are very much like this little snail. We all tend to hide ourselves away when the world around us becomes too scary, big, and ominous. It is only when we feel safe and secure that we can begin to advance. The only place we can truly feel this kind of security in when we are resting in Gods hands. There we are safe, there we are protected, and there we can explore the world around us without apprehension. As with the snail, things will come along and scare us back into our shell, but when we stay in the protective shelter of God hands we don't feel the need to stay inside our shell for long. The other interesting thing about this snail is the shell that acts as a protection also can be seen as a heavy burden it carries. Sometimes our burdens and troubles become our refuge. It's our default shelter because it's all we've ever known, so its no wonder that we go back inside the heavy shell. But when we find ourselves in the hands of God, there is no going back for long. His gentleness and love draws us out, encourages us and lightens the burdens we carry by helping to carry the load. We find ourselves in a place of peace and freedom, a place we want to stay, as we move forward, be it ever so slowly, growing up in the Kingdom of God to fulfill the plan God Himself has planned for us.


Amy said...

Hmmm...I found your blog while searching for some info about some books my uncle wrote. His name is Bruce Dreisbach. His parents were Harry and Mary Dreisbach. All lived in PA. Perhaps we are related? My Dad is the black sheep of the family, so I don't know much about them.

Anyway, I can tell we have the same heavenly father :-) and I enjoyed reading what posts i've read so far. I especially like the poem of July 11.

Mary said...

Hi Amy, I am married to a Dreisbach my husbands name is Ken and his dad's name was Charles. They came from the salibury township, lehigh county PA. area. My husbands dad didn't talk much about his family either. Thank you for your kind comments. I really appreciate them. and you're right we share the same heavenly father, nice to meet you. Blessings...Mary