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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Freedom and Victory

"that I may walk before the LORD in the land of the living." Psalm 116:9

Entangled by the toils, temptations, and troubles of daily living, not to mention those lies we believe from the past, the stress of finances, wayward children, troubled marriages, financial difficulties, mood disorders, jam packed days, sleepless nights, caring for elderly parents, and the list goes on... have a tendency to hold us captive and hinder our walking in freedom with God, keeping us from the person God intends us to be. God has a predestined plan for each of us to carry out in His kingdom here on earth.

So how do we throw all these things off so we can run the race set out for us?(Hebrews 12:1-12) How do we grab hold our freedom offered us as followers of Christ? We need to know him. We need to spend time in his presence,we need to become fully dependent upon him and live out of the strength He provides. We need to become aware of our weaknesses and quickly repent of our sins, becoming willing and thankful for the discipline he brings to our lives. We need to be in constant communion with Him. Placing our full faith in His word. When this way of living becomes our goal and our passion, we make room for Gods power to work in us and through us. The chaos in our lives will no doubt still be there, but our perspective in reacting and dealing with it changes. We can see it as a way to bring glory to our great God through our response to it. We know that God will bring us through it.

What if you were entering into a game or a business deal or trying to earn your degree for your career and you already knew you were guaranteed to achieve a victory...how would that change the way you approached the project? Do you feel a sense of relief at your impending victory? All You have to do is show up with a willing obedient heart. This is how we as followers of Jesus Christ need to proceed, so that we may walk before the Lord in the land of the living.

When we make it a priority to walk hand in hand with God through the labyrinth of life, we have the promise not to get lost, but navigate through it successfully; but as soon as we let go(because He never will) we lose our footing and our focus. Letting go is the only thing that will trip us up and throw us of course. In letting go we jeopardize the victory. We will eventually make it out and our salvation will be intact, but God offers us so much more, we don't need to just squeak by, when God offers freedom, celebration and abundant life! God's hand is always extended and always close. Will you take hold of it today, so that you may walk with your head held high before the Lord in this world full of trouble and temptation? Will you give Him the emphasis rather than your troubles? He is there and He is waiting. Grab His hand and hold on! Your very life depends on it!

Lord, Thank You for the freedom You offer all who come to You. May we choose You as the strength in our lives, continually coming to You for restoration and refuge. May our walk on this earth be pleasing to You, bringing honor and glory to Your name. Lord I ask You to make Your presence unmistakable for all those lost in the labyrinth of life at this time, that they will reach out their hand to You, admitting their need for You in their life. For it is in You aloneLord, where the victory lies. Thank You for securing this victory for us! Humbly in Your Name I pray,Amen.

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