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Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Raging Sea and Tranquility

Living in a broken sin filled world, we often find ourselves sailing through some pretty intense storms. God reminds me time and time again of the story in the Gospel(Matthew 8:23-26) of Jesus calming the storm that rose up in the night as He was sleeping. Panicked, the apostles quickly woke their Master, asking what they were going to do? They were beside themselves with worry! Calmly, Jesus looked to His friends and asked them why they were so afraid, where was their faith? They had seen the power and authority Jesus displayed first hand, through numerous other miracles and yet fear rose up inside their hearts at the threat of drowning in the storm. With a word, Jesus instantly quelled the storm, and though they had seen this power many times before...the apostles were still amazed that this could be, and asked themselves who is this that can calm the sea? I am so thankful that we serve a God who wants us to believe and will continue to be patient and show us until we do. We know we can trust Jesus, because we can recall all of things He has already done and know that He who has power over the heavens and the earth, nature, health, creation, and even death keeps us held in the palm of His hand...it is for us to believe! Remember all that He has done and keep Jesus in your boat. Trusting Him...we will not drown. The storms may be raging around us, but in the shelter of our boat with Jesus, we will find tranquility.

My Boat

Sitting amidst the raging sea
A storm of great intensity,
Threatens to over turn the boat
I've used to keep my life afloat.

Ferocious winds whirling around
Create a chaotic deafening sound.
Infiltrating mass confusion,
Injecting doubt with fierce intrusion.

I brace myself, holding tight,
At Satan's attempt to shake my life.
Breeding fear with my boat's destruction;
Tearing at it's sound construction.

But I've got faith in the One who saves.
I'll look to Him to calm the waves,
And quell the worries in my mind...
In trusting Him, true peace I'll find.

In the midst of this impending storm
I'll find myself mended instead of torn,
Because Jesus is there in the boat with me.
Comforting, strengthening,and setting me free.

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