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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Woman at the Well

The woman at the well
Was a Samaritan.
She came to draw some water
After the others long had been.

She knew she wasn't welcome
All alone in her shame
Her life thus far was one big mess
But on this day that would change.

A man was sitting by the well
He looked to be a Jew
He asked her for a drink of water
And now she was confused.

Jews didn't like Samaritans
And men didn't talk to women
What did this man want from her?
So she asked the man this question:

How is it Sir, that you a Jew
Could ask me for a drink?
He replied, if you knew the gift of God
You would be asking me I think!

For I supply a living water
For anyone who asks
But Sir the well is very deep
How will you draw without a flask?

The water from this well
Will make you thirst again
But the water I will give you
Springs forth Gods eternal plan.

He spoke to her so gently
Like music to her ears.
Drink my "living water"
Leave behind you all your fears.

At first she didn't understand
For she had been used all her life
So she had to keep her guard up
To avoid possible strife.

The water from this well
Will never quench your thirst.
What you need is love my child
That's what I'll give you first.

Accept this gift I offer
Drink this cup and start anew
The woman nodded, Yes Sir
Then he told her what to do.

Go call upon your husband
And then come back to me.
She said I have no husband
He nodded, you've had five I see.

Her eyes got big, how did he know
A prophet he must be
She spoke of the Messiah's coming
"I who speak to you am He."

She got so excited
This really blew her mind
She ran to tell the others
Leaving her water jar behind.

Can you imagine meeting Jesus?
What would your reaction be?
Would you drink the living water?
That He offers you and me?

At first the woman didn't recognize
Who she was talking to.
Her focus was on other things
Blocking Jesus from her view.

We too must be careful
Its just the same for us today
when we take our eyes off Jesus
We are quickly led astray.

So lets capture the excitement
As did the woman at the well,
And leave all hindrances behind,
Grab Jesus' good news, go and tell.

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