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Saturday, July 18, 2009


I recently spent a few days at the beach. A quiet little sea shore town called Brigantine, located in New Jersey. Invited by friends of ours, my friend Liz and I set out on an excursion to see the glory of the ocean. A place I've loved ever since I first caught sight of it at the age of 8.
There's just something about the rhythmic rolling of the waves lapping the shore line, that memorizes me. As we drove onto the island of Brigantine, the smell of salt water and sea life permeated the air we breathed. The familiar sound of gulls calling in the distance and the sand edged roadside, rose my senses to high alert. Awaiting with eager excitement, that first glimpse of the vast and mighty expanse of ocean laid before me; my eyes longed and strained to see it's beauty. To me there are few better moments in life.

Liz and I found the house where we were to stay. It was a small and very homey place with a big, open front porch. The perfect place for reading and talking to God first thing in the morning and last thing before I would go to sleep at night. Our house was a block from the beach, we placed our things in the room we were going to share. Bunk beds set at one end of the room and a desk at the other. I conceded to take the top bunk, as Liz is 10 years my senior. I thought I'd be kind and save her from climbing up and down the skinny white metal ladder located at the far end of the bed.

We didn't want to take the time to unpack, so we both found our swimsuits and beach bags. We changed and headed straight for the beach. The day was hot and the breeze light. Setting up our chairs and blanket, we settled in for our afternoon on the sand. Book in hand and the sun blazing on my back I sat and thanked the Lord for our safe travels and the magnificence of His creation.

By the ocean is where I feel closest to God. I feel His touch in the wind, hear His voice in the sea gulls cry, see His power in the crashing waves, taste His presence in the salt that infiltrates water, sand, and sky; and smell His aroma in the sea life, wafting through the air. God envelopes me in the shore's awesome landscape, warm sand between my toes, and a gentle breeze caressing my face as if Gods own hand were tenderly brushing my cheeks. For me, there is no greater place to be. Thank You Lord for your gift of the sea.

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