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Monday, October 26, 2009

Chasing Our Tails

"Set up road signs; put up guideposts. Take note of the highway, the road that you take." Jeremiah 31:21 NIV

How many time have we come up against a situation and blew it? Lost our tempers, practiced impatience, allowed bitter thoughts and negative emotions rule our life? Eventually we find our way out, but before we know it we find ourselves in that place again?

This passage in Jeremiah gives some insight to this circular road. Life is meant to be a journey. We are on our way home to our Heavenly Father. How will we get there if we keep circling back? We Can't! Chasing our tail as a dog does will only make us dizzy and exhausted.

In order to move forward we have to stop going in circles and find a way to move ahead on the road. God gives us a clue in this passage. When we find ourselves in sticky situations, we need to take time to look at it, as we work our way out we need to mark the road we've traveled so we know not to take that road again. So if we find ourselves back in the same situation we will be able to find our way out because we've taken the time to mark our path back to the road of life.

We must mark the ways that didn't work and we must set up arrows pointing to the practices that did.

Some of the signs along my road home include: Prayer, gratitude, patience, trust, faith, grace, love, peace, self-control, kindness, gentleness, hope, compassion, etc... These little guideposts remind me to take that road. With each of these signs or markers I have the opposite road marked as well, so I remember that going that way will only lead to more negativity and I'll be chasing my tail once again.

Lord, Thank You for giving us the solutions we need to stay on the road that leads to You. Help us to practice Your answers and continue moving forward on our journey. We are grateful that You supply all our needs. May we remember to seek Your guidance first in all things. In Jesus precious name I pray, Amen

X's And Arrows

Going in circles
Chasing my tail
Just sets me on
A path to fail.

Exhausted and dizzy
I stop and pray
For God to show me
His perfect way.

I mark the road
That took me round
With a big red X
to avoid that ground.

I place an arrow
Pointing home
Trusting to follow
The way God has shown.

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damangu said...

Great metaphor thanks!