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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Save The Girls

A ministry of message, rescue, and care

Welcome to Save the Girls, a ministry where you can help free sex slaves by doing something simple but amazing:

Host a Save the Girls yard sale.

You sell your unwanted stuff and buy the freedom and care of a girl, a precious girl, made in the image of a holy God, who has been treated like trash. From junk to gems, from trash to treasure, these girls need your help.

The Real Facts

What is sex trafficking? Also called sex slavery, it is a massive global enterprise based upon force, coercion and deception. Traffickers detain their victims for profit through acts of rape.

How widespread is it? Worldwide, more than 2 million children are trapped in sex slavery. (UNICEF) In the U.S., sex slaves number more than 100,000. (FBI/ABC)

How old are sex slaves? The average age is 11. Some are as young as 5 years old. (CIA)
Is human trafficking big business? Yes! Human trafficking (included sex slavery and forced labor) is the world’s third largest criminal enterprise after drugs and weapons. (U.S. Department of State) The total market value of illicit human trafficking is estimated to be in excess of $32 billion.

YOU can help in the rescuing of sex slaves and the provision of comprehensive care: health exams, medicine, counseling and job training. YOU can get out the message of this horrific crime. YOU can turn trash into treasure, junk into gemstones and. . .

Here’s how it works:
1. Tell us and we’ll list it on this site and promote your yard sale. Use the handy checklist (downloadable for free at right) and send press releases to the media (also at right).

2. Get out the message of this horrific crime against children. Provide informational handouts at your yard sale. Wear and sell Save the Girls tees and Save the Girls prayer bracelets(both available at Store).

3. Donate a percentage (or all) of your proceeds to respected Christian groups that rescue sex slaves

After Your Yard Sale
Donate a percentage (or all) of your proceeds to one of these respected Christian organizations that help stop child sex slavery. Or choose another charity, the one God places on your heart. Then report back here with your amazing stories and photos!
Purse of Hope runs a home for freed sex slaves in Uganda. The girls receive medical care, counseling in the name of Jesus and job training.

World Vision rescues sex slaves and provides medical care and Christian counseling.

Founded by singer Natalie Grant, The Home Foundation cares for freed sex slaves, medically and spiritually, in India and elsewhere.

This information was taken from Lucy Ann Moll's Web site. She is an advocate for Save The Girls

For more information about this ministry or Lucy, you can visit her site at: http://www.lucyannmoll.com/savethegirls.htm

Now That you've read this post...what will you do? Please join us with getting the word out and raising the money nesecary to rescue these girls and also to provide them with the much needed after care. Imagine it it was your daughter or grandaughter. If you are moved to help, let me know what you are up to. The yard sale is a great idea but I am sure there are many ways in addition to this to raise monies and awareness. I would love to hear and post any and all appropriate ideas! Thanks and God Bless!


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