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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Because I prayed

Holding on to past hurts, unforgiveness, insecurities,can surely leave a gaping hole for Satan to work his way into our lives. He's just prowling around like a roaring lion waiting to devour.
How can we close that gap? For me it's a combination of prayer and obedience. When I am feeling weak, if I go to God first thing, He gives me the strength I need to be obedient. And of course i trust he will do this for me. It's times when I try to take things on by myself, that the hole grows. I hesitate, procrastinate, ignore, rush, hurry, or try to cram 24 hrs of activity into 1 hours time. Let me tell you this does not work. What happens is I crash, get crabby, prideful, self righteous, and just plain self centered. This is the perfect stomping grounds for Satan to dig right in.

My point in all of this is to say if we become aware that this is whats happening, all we have to do to get back on track, is believe God is bigger than our problems and take them to him pray. He's waiting to take the burden you bear right now. So get alone with Him and pour your heart to Him, then listen. He will speak one way or another, and when you hear, follow what He says.

Because I Prayed

Just so you know in the matter of a day
I've come full circle because I prayed
That God would help me find my way
Disarming the anger I kept at bay.

It's the uncommon woman that can let go
Of the pain and hurt that others show
But God will help forgiveness flow.
And through her the light of Christ will glow.

Because I prayed, God reached out,and placed His hand in mine.
He led me through the raging storm,till it calmed and all was fine.
By His power and by His might He helps me walk the line,
Each day I come closer to His table where I'll dine.

Then I thanked my God and praised Him,for His protective loving care
He has become my Rock and Refuge, all because of prayer.
And when I'm feeling alone and lost I become more aware
That He's always watching over me and when I call Him, He is there.

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