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Friday, September 4, 2009

Leslie Vernick's New Book Coming Soon To A Book Store Near You

Leslie Vernick has a new book coming Oct. 1, 2009...Woo Hoo!!! It's Title..."Lord I Just Want To Be Happy". I am very much looking forward to reading this book and seeing what God has put on Leslie's heart to share with us. I have read all of Leslie's previous books and each one has held practical biblical truths for living and coping with difficult situations. Leslie draws on her own experiences and of experiences of those she counsels. She has a true servants heart and it comes shining through in her writing. Leslie uses easy to understand concepts and uses the wisdom and gifts God has given to her to help others draw closer to Him. I highly recommend checking out this new book if you want to gain a better understanding of true happiness through Jesus Christ. You won't be disappointed I am sure...

Here is a short more in depth introduction to the book that I took from Leslie's Web site http://www.leslievernick.com/(which is also a great resource, packed with practical counsel) I highly recommend checking it out as well!

Coming October 1, 2009

“Leslie Vernick offers hope, help, and messages of encouragement...in this delightful book. I love it. It makes me happy.”Jan Silviousauthor of Big Girls Don’t Whine

Do you find yourself praying,“Lord, I just want to be happy”?Maybe you can’t see how God could possibly get you to a place of peace and contentment. However, it’s not the new circumstances we often pray for that move us toward lasting happiness, but rather something entirely different. Drawing on her own struggles and those of people she has counseled, and using scriptural insights in fresh ways, Leslie Vernick reveals practical and simple steps to help you
recognize and change habits that, day by day, keep you from experiencing happiness
make good choices and learn from mistakes without beating yourself up
develop the skills that will enable you to let go of negative and painful emotions quicker
transform difficult circumstances so you can live with gratitude, joy, and purpose Application questions help you work godly thinking, as well as healthy skills and habits, into your life and heart. You’ll soon discover that, even if nothing changes in your circumstances, your inner chains can be broken and you can go free…into a new path of real contentment and happiness.

Drawing from a commitment to biblical truth and from rich familiarity with spiritual masters, Leslie Vernick offers practical, helpful direction to walk the road to spiritual maturity-which sometimes includes happiness now and always centers on hope for happiness forever, in knowing God. Dr. Larry Crabb, Psychologist, Author and Founder of New Way Ministries

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