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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Stones Of Remembrance

Recently I went kayaking with my girlfriends to celebrate my birthday. As we floated down the Delaware River, we came upon an island calling for us to explore. At the edge of this island there were large rocks and the way they sat it created a pool of water, calm and crystal clear. Paddling our kayaks and securing them between the rocks, we gazed into the beautiful pool. I immediately noticed perfectly smooth, round river stones at the bottom of the pool and so being the adventurous spirit I am, of course I had to check them out!

Scrambling out of my wobbly kayak was no easy task, but I managed, and soon found myself wading in the cool clear water. Bending down I began to collect the choicest stones. My girlfriends all looked at me and asked what I was doing? "Collecting river rocks" I replied. After I had gathered what I wanted I threw them in my kayak and off we went down the river. We had a wonderful morning together. God blessed us with great fellowship and perfect weather. It was a birthday I will never forget. When we arrived back At my friends home, I retrieved the stones from my kayak and presented each lady with a stone of her choosing. They asked what this was for? I explained, "I had so much fun celebrating my birthday with all of you, and thought these stones would be a nice way to remember this day." Thrilled, they each picked a stone and off we went back into our busy lives.

Remembering good times is so crucial to making it through the tougher times in life. When we are going through storms and trials and it seems there is no hope, these are the times we need to pull those stones of remembrance out of the drawer and place them in sight so we know things will be OK. It's the same with God. If we take time to reflect on all the good things God has helped us achieve in the past so far, it brings hope to our heart, that though we are going through a terrible season, we can remember it is just that! Seasons come and they go. It is so important to our faith, to be able to sit with God and recall all the many ways He has helped us Thus far.

In God' s word there is a story in the book of 1 Samuel 7 where Samuel does just that and he places a Rock between two towns as a remeberance of all the help God has given so far. It was imperative in the day's of Samuel to trust God, there was much fighting among the nations and many times the battles seemed too big to even consider fighting. But through relationship and trust in God's sovereign Power it enabled them to come through those battles and taught them to count on God for guidance, direction and deliverance. Remembering gives us the courage to carry on!

Take some time today to read the story in 1Samuel and reflect how you can relate with Samuels experience. Write down some ways God has helped you in the past so that when thing get tough you can look back and be encouraged.

May You all be Blessed abundantly by our Lord today!

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