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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Idependence... Or Lack There Of...

In my current job I am taking care of a cancer patient. He is a lovely person and I have grown quite fond of him. In the past two weeks he has been having more and more trouble keeping up with himself and it has prompted the family to have someone spend the nights with him. He is in a really tough period of his illness. Still wanting to be independent and self sufficient, but unable to physically do so. I can see the struggle that is happening within him as he has to continually trust, humble, and surrender himself into the hands of those caring for him.

This experience got me thinking about my relationship with God. I am a very independent person too. I like to handle things on my own. Thinking I should be able to do this or that. God tells me through His Word that He is my supply, He is my provider, He is who should be in control. I often find myself having to humble myself before Him. Especially after I've made a terrible mess of things trying to handle them on my own.

My client with cancer and I are very much the same in that respect. If he would call for help before trying to handle things on his own, it would prevent a lot of messes and embarrassing situations. If I would call on God in the situations that arise it would also prevent a lot of messes and embarrassing situations. Letting go of myself has been a long, hard, learning process.

Pride is a monster that I battle with on a daily basis. It's the root of my independence. Somewhere I got the message that needing help is a weakness. This message is a lie from the enemy. God actually created us to need Him. We were created for Him. It doesn't make us weak to need God or others. We are walking in obedience to God's plan when we surrender our selves to Him in ALL areas of our lives. God counts us strong when we give Him control. In our weakness He makes us strong. I think of this verse in God's Word when the "Me" monster rears its ugly head and I end up falling flat on my face.

Philippians 4:13- I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Notice the key words here in this short verse: ALL, THROUGH CHRIST, STRENGTHEN.

-God says ALL, not some.
-God says it's only through Christ that this can happen.
-God says He will provide the strength we need.
-God says we can do ALL through Christ in us.
-God says He provides the strength.

No where in God's Word does it say we can do all thing on our own, independent from Him.

Dear Father, Thank You for placing people and circumstances in our lives that remind us that we are Your children, created by You and for You. Thank You for sending Your son Jesus to be able to live in each one of us who allow Him in. Thank You for sharing Your power with us. Thank You for being patient with us as we learn to be dependent upon You. May we surrender out selves daily to You Oh God! Amen.

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